Ways with Pva - Stick it to them

Ways with Pva - Stick it to them

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PVA is an incredibly versatile product. It enables the angler to have a concentrated area of food items directly around the hookbait. In its various guises, be it bags, sticks or stringers this can offer improved presentation and attraction properties.

If you are a day/short session or mobile angler PVA is something you should not be without. Bags and sticks can be loaded with attraction. If you really think about what is contained within you can create a very attractive and multi sensory mix. Oils and buoyant particulate ingredients add height, whilst dense glugs and dips add food signals that cling to the lake bed and spread outwardly, colourful food items add visual stimulation. Soluble ingredients appeal to a carps sense of smell and are a vital part of a good mix  You should look to include items that break down at different rates to make sure your mix keeps on working for you until you get that bite.

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