We've all seen how effective the D rig can be, it's a fantastic carp rig for use over a hard clean lakebed and gives excellent hookholds, the downside? it's a bit of a tricky rig to tie - If you've seen our video "how to tie the D rig" in the videos section and have decided its a bit too tricky then our 'Easy D rig' is much easier to tie up and is equally as effective at hooking big carp!

The 'Easy D rig' a great alternative to the awesome but tricky to tie D rig

What you'll need to tie the 'Easy D rig' :

Some Fluorcarbon hooklink material, we prefer a 20lb B/S version. One of Our Duropoint Curve shank hooks(we prefer bigger for this rig) along with one of our Bait attachments, We'll be using a size 12 Rig swivel but you can also use a Micro hook ring swivel, Rig ring or Rig ring screw. You'll also need some of our British made 3:1 Trans khaki shrink tube.

Tools for the job:

Scissors, Lighter and a Kettle for some steam

STEP ONE: Cut around 10 inches of your chosen Fluorocarbon hooklink and pass around 1.5 to 2 inches through the eye of the hook so it exits at the back like so.

Pass around 1 and a half to 2 inches of fluorocarbon hooklink through the eye of the hook

STEP TWO: Now we're going to create a knotless knot, by whipping the Fluorocarbon up the shank. We think seven times is ideal.

Start to whip your Fluorocarbon around the shank

A knotless knot - seven whips up the shank

STEP THREE: Pass the main length of Fluorocarbon back through the eye of the hook from back to front and tighten. That's your knotless knot done.

The knotless knot finished and tightened up

STEP FOUR: Now cut a length of shrink tube to size (about 12mm for a Size 4 Curve shank is perfect) and pass it along your hooklink and onto the shank of the hook. We want to position it so that it’s just beyond the eye so that it does not impede forming the "D" later on.

Cut a length of our trans khaki shrink tubing

Cut a length of Trans khaki shrink tube and pass it onto your hooklink

Position the shrink tube  to Form the easy D rig!

STEP FIVE: Being careful not to burn your fingers it's time to steam the shrink tube down to size. The best way to ensure everything is lined up after steaming is to hold the fluorocarbon firmly at both ends whilst steaming.

The Easy D rig taking shape - Shrink tube steamed into position

STEP SIX: Now take one of your Size 12 rig swivels (or rig ring, hook ring swivel, baitscrew) and pass it onto the hair as shown below.

Now pass a Size 12 Rig swivel onto the hair

STEP SEVEN: With the rig swivel now on the hair fold it and pass it through the back of the eye to create the "D" section as below, make sure to pull the tag end right through to close up the D. Now trim the tag end to around 5/6mm.

Create the D section of the Easy d rig

Your easy d rig is nearly complete

Trim the tag end of the D to about 5/6mm

STEP EIGHT: Making sure that your hooklink is well out of the way carefully use your lighter to light the remaining tag end and blob it quickly using a wetted finger.

Using a Lighter carefully light the Tag end and blob it

Blob the tag end of the easy d rig

STEP NINE:Your 'easy D rig' is nearly done, all that's left is to push the blobbed tag end upto the eye of the hook and shape your "D"

The finished 'Easy D rig' ready to catch some carp

The 'Easy D rig' an awesome carp cathcer

With your 'Easy D rig' (see, we said it was easy) all complete all that's left is to attach your bait and go catch some big carp.