How to tie the Chod rig - In fourteen steps

How to tie the Chod rig - In fourteen steps

What hasn't been said about the Chod rig, isn't worth mentioning. Used in the right situation it is an incredibly effective rig. When bites are hard to come by a rig that can be cast a long way and which is very unlikely to tangle can be a real benefit. A great method for presenting a single hookbait at distance or over a spread of boilie. Here we show our way of tying them.

The Chod rig underwater - poised and ready for a big carp

What you'll need to tie the Chod rig:

A spool of REVOLVE™ Stiff rig bristle filament, Duropoint® Chod hooks along with one of our Bait attachments, We'll be using a Micro hook ring swivel but you can also use a hook ring swivel screw, rig ring screw or Rig ring.

Tools for the job:

Scissors, Knot puller x 2 and a lighter.

STEP ONE: Take a 7 inch length of bristle filament & one of our Chod hooks, a Size 5 is perfect for 14/15mm popups pass the bristle filament through the eye so that there is around 40mm at the back of the hook.

Take one of our Duropoint Chod hooks, We're using a size 5 Here

Pass your bristle filament through the eye of your Chod hook so that you have around 40mm at the back

STEP TWO: Clamping the 40mm length of B/F along the back edge of the shank of the hook with your Left hand( if you're right handed) use your right hand to start whipping the B/F up the shank of the hook going anti clockwise.

Start to whip the Chod filament up the shank of the Chod hook going anti clockwise

STEP THREE: For a Size 5 hook we recommend whipping up the shank around 8 or 9 times, For a size 6 hook, 7 or 8 and for a size 8 hook 6 or 7 times

Whip up the shank of the  size 5 Chod hook 8 or 9 times

STEP FOUR: Carefully adjust your grip to pinch the whipping you have just completed to prevent it unravelling. Now pass the long length of Bristle filament through the eye from back to front. Pull it all the way through then use your knot puller tool to tighten

Pass the long length of chod filament through the eye from back to front

and use your knot puller tool to tighten

STEP FIVE: Thread the Micro hook ring swivel onto the line at the back of the hook

thread your chosen bait attachment onto the hair

STEP SIX: Now take the end of the line onto which you have just slid the micro hook ring swivel and pass it back through the eye from back to front. Pull it right the way through so that the "D" Is closed right up then trim the line where it exits the eye to about 5mm long.

Pass the hair back through the eye of the hook from back to front

Trim the tag end to about 5mm in length

STEP SEVEN: Using your lighter carefully light the tag end that you have just created and flatten it with your thumb before it reaches the eye of the hook, it may help to bend the rest of the line out of the way before you do so. With this done grab the micro ring swivel and use it to pull to "D" into shape.

Blob the tag end being careful not to damage the rest of your hooklink.

STEP EIGHT: Take the remaining length of bristle filament and double it over, we're looking for the fold to be around 35mm from the eye for a short Chod rig and 45mm for a longer one.

Double the bristle filament over at around 35 - 45mm fromt the eye of the hook

STEP NINE: Pass one of our Size 11 ring swivels onto the bristle filament and down to the fold you have just created.

Slip a size 11 ring swivel onto the bristle filament and down to the fold

STEP TEN: Now we're going to create an overhand loop, Hold the hook and hooklink with your right hand and form a loop in the doubled over hooklink. Now pass the ring swivel through the loop.

Start to create an overhand loop with the doubled over Chod filament

Pass the ring swivel through to finish the overhand loop

STEP ELEVEN: Tease the knot down until it is close to the swivel before tightening it down with two knot pullers, again whilst trying to ensure the loop stays fairly small.

Tease the knot down towards the swivel, we want to to create a small loop to allow the chod rig to turn more easily

Now using two knot pullers, carefully tighten the knot

STEP TWELVE: Trim the tag end down to about 5/6mm. Bend the bristle filament out of the way and carefully blob the tag end with your lighter.

Trim the tag end down to around 5/6mm

carefully blob the tag end

STEP THIRTEEN: Now steam your Chod rig into shape or form it between your thumb and fingers. We're looking to create a slight curve like the one pictured below.

Steam your Chod rig into shape, we're looking to form a very slight curve witht the chod filament

STEP FOURTEEN: Your Chod rig is almost finished, but one little adjustment to make an improvement to the way the rig perfoms, We want to open up to loop attaching the rig to the swivel, this attention to detail makes the rig perform much more effectively by allowing extra movement.

Using your baiting needle of similar open up the loop attaching the rig to the eye of the swivel

a nice round Loop formed by the swivel, this will allow your chod rig to perform to its optimum

Side note: Many anglers like to use rig putty over the swivel and the knot where we have created the loop, this does work however in our opinion this restricts the Chod rig from working as well as is possible, it can also make the rig sit awkwardly. We much prefer to use the weight of the leader and or beads to counter the buoyancy of the Popup, If using a naked chod rig, then make the rig sink slowly by using a smaller popup or perhaps a size 8 ring swivel instead of a size 11. What we want to achieve is a Chod rig that sinks very slowly and comes to rest lightly over any weed or debris on the lakebed.

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