The Clone Rig, over Boilie and sweetcorn

The Clone Rig

At its core The Clone Rig is nothing more complicated than a 'D' Rig and although simple to tie it can be an incredibly effective carp rig.

The Clone Rig can be tied with a number of hook link materials, though is perhaps best suited to use with one which has an inherent degree of stiffness. Monofilaments, Fluorocarbon, Bristle filaments and some Coated braids can all be used and should be chosen to suit the lakebed being fished over.

To accomodate the stiff hooklink materials it is best used with one of our Ultra sharp Duropoint® Chod hooks which feature an outurned eye. The outurned eye is important as stiff hook links have a habit of closing the effective gape when used with hooks that have inturned and inline eyes. If used with Fluorocarbon It also prevents a weak point being formed where the line exits the eye.

Duropoint Chod hooks are brilliantly suited to the Clone Rig.

The Clone Rig uses a simple knotless knot and the 'D' onto which one of our range of bait mounting components is fed is created with the excess hooklink material that exits the end of the knotless knot.

Where The 'D' is passed through the eye it is secured by using a lighter to melt and blob the tag end.

Some hook link materials have memory and will try to return to their original form, meaning they can loosen themselves. This can be prevented by steaming a length of our 2.4mm Shrink tubing over the knotless knot before completing the rig.

A clone rig, the D is secured with a length of 2.4mm Shrink tubing.