We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

Q) Why is a certain Hook size out of stock, and why for so long?

A) Our Duropoint® hooks represent the very best Carp hooks on the market and have a reputation we've worked very hard to attain. To achieve this our quality control process is very strict. We carry out a number of inspections and tests to determine whether hooks are to be accepted or rejected.

Needless to say, If a batch of hooks fails to meet our stringent specifications it will be rejected and will take several months to replace before we can begin to repeat our procedures.

This serves to protect our brand and gives you, our customer the very best of Carp hooks. We believe the best of things are worth waiting for.

Q) What's the difference between Barbed and Micro Barbed? 

A) Within the Carp angling world the terms 'Micro Barbed' and 'Barbed' are used interchangeably. In our industry, these days, they constitute one and the same.

There are actually no universally recognised specifications as to what constitutes a Micro Barb, though it is generally accepted that Micro Barbs represent a Barb that is smaller and more refined than those found on hooks of yesteryear.

Like ourselves, almost every other major Carp hook manufacturer feature Micro Barbs on their hooks, several even use one term on their packaging and the other on their websites.

For the reasons outlined above, when fisheries insist on the use of 'Barbed' hooks this almost always refers to 'Micro barbed', if you're still in doubt check with the venue.

Q) Do you offer free postage on Carp fishing end tackle?

A) We do, spend just £25 on our terminal tackle, hooks and hook links for free second class delivery & £35 for free First Class delivery.

Q) How quickly is my order dispatched?

A) Orders are usually sent out the same working day when placed before 4PM, though there are some exceptions. You can help to ensure quick dispatch of your order by checking the address supplied with your order is both full and correct.

Most orders placed over a weekend are sent out on Monday and occasionally Tuesday during exceptionally busy periods.

Orders placed when we are on annual holiday will be dispatched on or after the date which will be clearly displayed on our website.

Duropoint® Chod rigs and Hand sharpened Chod rigs may delay dispatch of your order by upto 2-3 working days, as they are tied to order.