How to tie a balanced Tiger nut rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

How to tie a balanced Tiger nut rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

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There isn't a carp that swims that can resist the almighty allure of a big juicy Tiger nut!

As the spring rolls in those big old carp will begin moving into the margins with more and more frequency. theres no better way to elicit a bite in the edge than with a meticulously laid trap and a handful of Chuffa's.

A tiger Critically balanced with a slither of brightly coloured Zig Foam Is a deadly effective hookbait, not only does it offer something visual to home in on it also helps the bait to fly back into the mouth when inhaled by a big carp.

When fishing in close, Don't be afraid to use a big hook, the tigernut will be fluttering above helping to conceal it! A big hook is much more likely to grab hold and the thicker gauge steel will be beneficial in stopping a Big carp hooked just yards away in its bid for freedom.

What you'll need to tie our balanced tigernut rig:

Some supple braid, One of our Duropoint Curve shank hooks(we're using a size 4) along with one of our bait attachments, we'll be using a mini rig swivel but you can also use a micro hook rig swivel. You'll also need some of our shank stops, 6mm STICKUMUP zig foam and our 3:1 trans Khaki shrink tube or Large line aligners.

Tools for the job:

Scissors, Knot puller, lighter and a tub of water for balancing.balanced tigernut rig - how to tie

STEP ONE: Cut a 7 inch length of your chosen supple braid and feed one end through the eye of the hook, about half an inch will suffice.

Duropoint Curve shank hook

Feed one end of the braid through the eye

STEP TWO: Using your thumb and forefinger trap the braid against the shank of the hook then whip up the shank around five or six turns.

Trap the brid against the shank of the hook

Begin to whip up the shank

whip around the shank five or six times

STEP THREE: Feed the hooklink back through the eye and tighten down the knot.

Feed the hooklink back through the eye of the hook

tighten down the knot

STEP FOUR: Trim the tag end, then using your lighter carefully melt the remainder and blob it against the shank of the hook.

Trim the tag end down to about 3 or 4 mm

Using your lighter carefully melt and blob the remainder against the shank

Blob the tag end agains the shank of the hook

STEP FIVE: Take your line aligner and feed it onto the hook link and over the eye of the hook until it covers your knotless knot. If you're using a supple braid like we are then you will find it easier to load the aligner onto a fine baiting needle first.

Load the line aligner onto a baiting needle

Slide the line aligner down the hooklink and over the eye of the hook until it covers the knotless knot

STEP SIX: Now feed one of our mini rig swivels onto the hook followed by a shank stop. We want the shank stop to be positioned about opposite the barb.

Load a mini rig swivel onto the hook, followed by a shank stop / hook bead

STEP SEVEN: With the rig tied it's now time to add the Tiger nut and balance it. Take your Tiger nut, a bigger one will be easier to work with. Using a 6mm bait drill bore a hole around 3 to 4mm deep.

Choose a tiger nut, a bigger one will be easier to work with

Using a 6mm bait drill bore a hole of around 3 to 4mm deep in the tigernut

The drilled tigernut

STEP EIGHT: Take a length of our 6mm STICKUMUP Zig foam and locate it in the hole you just made in tigernut. When it's located cut it but leave four or five millimetres protruding (you'll need this for balancing later).

Locate a length of STICKUMUP Zig rig foam in the hole you made in the tigernut

Cut the Zig foam but leave around 4 or 5 mm protruding

STEP NINE: Double up a length of braid/nylon or floss and position it on the mini rig swivel. Load the Tiger nut and foam onto a baiting needle and then transfer them onto the doubled over hair material. Slide the tiger nut down and locate it on the mini rig swivel. We want the body of the swivel to be inside the tiger nut. Don't trim the tag ends just yet..

Load the tiger nut and foam onto a baiting needle and transfer onto the hair

Transfer the tiger nut and zig foam onto the hair and locate on the mini rig swivel

STEP TEN: Next we want to balance the rig. Using a tub of water drop your rig into it. Trim away small bits of the Zig foam until the hook and bait sink slowly. We like to trim off enough so the hook just lays on its side with the tiger nut hovering just above. It's not critically balanced but the weight of the hook is somewhat negated.

Trim away the zig foam a bit at a time until the hook just about lays on its side in the tub of water

This is how we want the balanced tiger nut rig to sit in the water

STEP ELEVEN: With rig balanced as you want it, trim down the tag ends and use your lighter to melt and blog them down against the Zig foam.

Trim the tag ends

Melt the remaining tag ends and blob against the Zig foam

The rig is now complete, it just needs attaching the appropriate swivel for your chosen lead arrangement.

Completed balanced tiger nut rig - ready to go

Pre drilled tiger nuts and foam glugging in a Sweet and salty liquid

A few tiger nuts predrilled and plugged with STICKUMUP zig foam glugging in a sweet liquid.