Angling Iron Hooklinks and Lead Leaders are some of the best available. Combining the finest of fibres and filaments with the best of manufacturers to create unique materials for all your carp rig needs.


A compact but expanding range of quality Hook link and Leader materials.

Manufactured exclusively for Angling Iron, our Hook links and leaders utilise high quality filaments and fibres from renowned suppliers and are produced to our exacting specifications by industry leading manufacturers.

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Whats the best braid for PVA bag rigs and Combi rigs? Angling Iron, Tufflex supple braided hook link is a super soft uncoated hooklink that is perfect for Bag work and snag fishing. Available in Gravel and Camo colours and 20lb Breaking strain.
Best lead free leader material? Angling Iron, Gravit8 leadless is easy to splice and boasts a super soft loose loose weave with flecked Gravel and weed PTFE fibres . It's perfect for Helicopter setups, PVA bags and can even be used as a Hook link with our Size 4 plus Duropoint Carp hooks.
Are you looking for the best Chod rig material? Revolve Bristle filament is a Clear Hooklink material that can be used for Choddys, Stiff hinged rigs and as Boom sections. It's super compliant and can be shaped by hand or steamed and will maintain its Curve. When used with our Duropoint carp Hooks its a lethal combination.