Are you looking for the best Chod rig material? Revolve Bristle filament is a Clear Hooklink material that can be used for Choddys, Stiff hinged rigs and as Boom sections. It's super compliant and can be shaped by hand or steamed and will maintain its Curve. When used with our Duropoint carp Hooks its a lethal combination.
A Chod rig tied with 25lb, 0.5mm Revolve bristle filament, Size 4 Chod hook and swivel bait screw sits on top of a spool.
A Chod rig section tied with Revolve stiff link a razor sharp Size 4 Duropoint Chod hook and an essential baits B5 popup plugged with Cork. In the background a Lead free leader makes up a helicopter setup.
Revolve is the perfect boom material when stiff hooklink is called for. It can be crimped and is best for Ronnie and Spinner Rig rigs as well as Chods and the Combi.
Revolve bristle filament is a clear stiff Chod hook link that can be crimped, pulled or steamed straight and is virtually invisible on the lake bed. An excelent option for catching carp from clear gravel spots, soft silt and over weed.


Sale price£6.45

REVOLVE™ Stiff rig is a user friendly, compliant and ultra Stiff Bristle filament that boasts an impressive knot strength and abrasion resistance.

Low visibility, Clear formulation makes Revolve virtually invisible once submerged.

Thanks to an increased diameter spool, coil size requires very little or no manipulation to achieve the perfect curve for Chod rigs.

Suitable for crimping Revolve can be easily pulled or steamed perfectly straight, making it the ideal hook link material for stiff boom sections used in Spinner rigs, Stiff Hinged rigs and more.

For crimping, we recommend using our Essentials 0.60mm Crimps.

Supplied on 20m Spool - 0.50mm Dia - 25lb Breaking strain