Best lead free leader material? Angling Iron, Gravit8 leadless is easy to splice and boasts a super soft loose loose weave with flecked Gravel and weed PTFE fibres . It's perfect for Helicopter setups, PVA bags and can even be used as a Hook link with our Size 4 plus Duropoint Carp hooks.
Gravel & weedy green colour Leadfree leader, Gravit8 from Angling Iron is a tough and supple material supplied on 10 metre spools and 45lb breaking strain. its a great, carp safe Choice for Helicopter lead setups and matches well with our Essentials Terminal tackle
Camo, Gravit8 Lead free leader spliced onto a size 8 Flexi ring swivel and used with a drop off inline lead,. The best Leader for PVA bag work
ravit8 Leadless leader can be used as a hook link too. Seen here along side our Duropoint Conti XS carp hooks in a size 2. Can be used to tie, or rather, splice the Rainbow (Bollox) Rig. This exact Rig was used to land Kojak from the Infamous lac de curton.
Gravit8 Lead free leader has a very loose weave, which makes it very supple and very easy to splice. Here you can see that clearly on a Splicing Needle.


Sale price£12.95

GRAVIT8™ is an incredibly supple, dense, fast sinking and easy to splice woven lead free leader and hooklink material. Manufactured for us in a disruptive flecked pattern with a unique and carefully selected combination of colours. Utilising eight ultra heavy and highly abrasion resistant P.T.F.E fibres Gravit8 features a loose weave which ensures unrivalled suppleness and perfectly limp lay over lakebed contours whilst also greatly improving the ease with which it can be spliced.

Gravit8™ not only coordinates superbly well with our essentials range it is also perfectly suited to use on the rich weedy gravel pits of Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, Nene valley and beyond..

A fantastic and safe alternative to leadcore, use as a leader for helicopter lead arrangements, inline lead setups and as a hooklink with our Duropoint® Conti XS hooks as well as our other patterns in size 4's.

Supplied on 10m Spool - 45lb Breaking strain