Whats the best braid for PVA bag rigs and Combi rigs? Angling Iron, Tufflex supple braided hook link is a super soft uncoated hooklink that is perfect for Bag work and snag fishing. Available in Gravel and Camo colours and 20lb Breaking strain.
Tufflex soft uncoated braid hook link in Gravel and Camo colours is great in combination with our super sharp inturned eye Duropoint Anchor Hook. Its strong and Carp freindly, great for use in PVA bags and Sticks.
A Combi Multi Rig tied up with a Revolve Boom section, Tufllex Gravel supple braid, Micro hook swivel and a Duropoint Conti XS carp hook. A real Big fish rig.
What rig for a PVA bag? A slip D is an excellent choice, pictured here with a drop off inline lead, Our Gravit8 Lead free leader, Tufllex gravel braid hooklink and size 6 Duropoint Curve shank hook. A grain of Fake pink corn for a hookbait.
Tufflex Gravel is the best colour supple and soft braid hook link for fishing for carp over gravel, its flecked two tone Brown colour means it all but dissapears on the lakebed and over Pellet in a PVA bag.
Tufflex Camo supple braid used for a Short Pva bag rig. A Multi rig, using a size 4 Duropoint Anchor Carp hook, Micro hook ring swivel and Size 8 Flexi Rign Swivel. The hook bait is a critically balanced using a trimmed down boilie tipped with half of a small white popup.
Tufflex Camo Pva Bag and Snag Braid with its Khaki and Brown fleck dissapears on a weedy lake bed, Its soft and natural behaviour means Carp wont spook when feeding over your rig. Pictured here is a Slip D Rig with a Continental Hook, rig swivel and wafter.
Which braid is Besr for PVA bag rigs? Tufllex Gravel, it virtually dissapears amongst a mouthful of carp and halibut pellets. A Tiny White popup balances the Anchor hook nicely.


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Tufflex™ is an ultra supple, soft & robust braided hook link material. Its construction consists of a combination of high strength Japanese UHMWPE and dense PES filaments woven together in a loose 'V' braid to form a slow sinking, naturally behaving, tough and fish friendly hook link material.

Its exceptional suppleness and strength make it the perfect uncoated braid hook link material for P.V.A bag rigs, Snag fishing, Combi rigs and more.

Tufflex™ Camo, an inconspicuous light Khaki colour interspersed with a rich organic Brown Fleck. Perfect for fishing in and around weedy spots.

Tufflex Gravel is the ideal choice of soft braided hooklink material for fishing over lighter substrates such as Gravel, Clay, Sand and some silts or nestled amongst a carpet of Pellet in a PVA bag. 

Being supplied on 25 Metre spools means you get 25% hooklink material for your money than similarly priced offerings from other leading manufacturers.

Available in Gravel & Camo colourways.

Supplied on 25m Spool - 20lb Breaking strain

To cut, always use high quality, sharp braid scissors.

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