Duropoint Anchor - Available now in a Size 4!

The much awaited Size 4 Duropoint Anchor hooks - Available now!

Available now the much awaited size 4 Version of our incredibly successful Duropoint Anchor hook pattern!

Following on from the fantastic success with size 5's a couple of months back (thankyou), our new best selling Duropoint® Anchor hook is now available in size 4 too!! Using the same thicker gauge XC70 Carbon Steel as the rest of our size 4's makes it absolutely perfect for really demanding fishing situations both at home and on the continent! Razor sharp from the packet and featuring an incredibly corrosion resistant genuine PTFE coating and perfectly closed eye's this really is an incredible hook pattern that can be relied upon to land some truly superb carp. Indeed it already has..

Looking for an awesome bottom bait pattern? This could well be it!

Another view of the awesome Duropoint Anchor hooks in a size 4