Avoid the attentions of nuiscance Cray fish whilst carp fishing with our 15mm Hardwood balls. Each pack contains four and they available with a number of Pre drilled uptions for use with our Cork and Zig foam products. If you Fish lakes and river plagued with Crayfish like the Cotswold Water park these will be a very useful addition to your tackle box.
Cray Away - 15mm Wooden Balls

Cray Away - 15mm Wooden Balls

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STICKUMUP™ 15mm Cray Away wooden Balls are made from turned Hard wood.

Combat the attentions of Cray fish and Poison Chat with these 15mm wooden balls.

Confidence you always have a hook bait attached to your rig.

They will absorb liquid food sources and flavours extremely well.

Buoyant at first, but once soaked in liquid for a number of weeks will act more like a wafter.

Available with no through hole, 1.5mm hole and 1.5 & 6mm holes for use with 6mm Stickumup™ Zig Foam or Cork products.

Supplied in Packs of 4