Angling Iron Essentials double Carp Crimps in 0.6mm
Chod rig with 0.6mm Crimps - Carp Fishing Essentials.
A Crimped Boom with Essentials 0.6mm Crimp.
0.6mm Crimp used to make a Boom for  Spinner Rig.
Crimped Boom hooklink using 0.6mm Crimps.
Close up photo of 0.6mm Crimp, Carp fishing essentials.
Photo shows correct way to use essentials 0.6mm Crimp for Chod Rig.

CRIMPS - 0.6mm ID

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ESSENTIALS™ 0.6mm Crimps make creating neat, repeatable loops of any size in stiff hook link materials like Bristle filament and Amnesia easy, tidy and quick.

Often used in the construction of boom sections for spinner rigs, hinged stiff rigs and Combi rigs they are also perfect for making very short Chod Rig sections with our Revolve™ Bristle Filament.

Pre stretch your chosen hook link material and crimp. Using the appropriately sized tool, Forcefully compress only the midpoint of the Crimp leaving the ends flared for a strong, permanent fixture.

Crimps also make a useful anchor point for securing Tungsten putty and Tungsten beads.

Compatible with both major Crimping tools and suitable for use with stiff boom, Chod filament and a small number of coated braids of between 0.5 and 0.6mm Diameter.

Copper construction, hard wearing Black Nickel finish.

Supplied in Packs of 50