Angling Iron Duropoint Anchor carp hooks. The sharpest carp hooks available, ideal for use with supple braid hooklinks the best bottom bait carp hooks of 2022 they're perfect for the Slip D rig.
Designed and Developed in the U.K, The Duropoint Anchor hook from Angling Iron is one of the sharpest carp hooks on the market. We think Its probably the best hook for bottom baits and wafter Rigs.
Size 4 Duropoint Anchor Carp hook as part of a snowman rig, Boilie tipped with half a yellow popup over Gravel
A Claw rig, with Tigernut hookbait tied with supple braid, silicone tubing and a Duropoint Anchor hook . A Classic big carp Rig.
The Duropoint anchor Hook is the perfect pattern for use in a PVA bag rig. Pictured is a multi rig tied with a super sharp Size 5 Anchor a bright popup.
Designed and Developed in the U.K, the Anchor pattern really is a needle sharp carp hook from the packet.
10 of the sharpest from the packet carp hooks on the market . Angling Irons Anchor hook is an excellent bottom bait hook pattern,


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The DUROPOINT® ANCHOR Hook, responsible for landing some truly immense carp to nearly 70lbs during it's testing phase, the new Duropoint® Anchor is already a firm favourite for many.

Manufactured to our own design & spec with the extremely well regarded Japanese Carbon 70 Vanadium Steel, they’re a heavily forged, strong and mind blowingly sharp hook that features an aggressively in turned eye and fractionally inward facing point. These attributes combine to make a pattern that flips and takes hold in an instant, giving incredibly secure and reliable hookholds. Thus the name 'Anchor'

As with the rest of the Duropoint® range an incredibly precise tempering process ensures a hook point that is both exceptionally sharp and highly durable. Finished with an incredibly tough and corrosion resistant PTFE coating, This superior finish serves not only to protect the points from degradation and oxidation but also actually improves hook penetration through a reduction in friction too.

Designed with supple and stripped back hooklink materials in mind, this is a supreme bottom bait pattern that will suit, simple hair, blowback, Combi rigs as well as being the perfect hook pattern for use in a multitude of PVA bag rigs.

Designed and developed in the U.K

Available in Sizes 4,5,6 (Micro)Barbed & Size 6 Barbless

Supplied in Packs of 10