Which is the best Chod hook?  it's simple, the Duropoint Chod hook is the sharpest Stiff rig Choddy hooks on the market. It's strong too, Responsible for the capture of some of the biggest and most sought after carp in the country.
Three razor sharp Duropoint Chod carp hooks in a size four, pictured with a variety of hinged stiff rig components,. Look at those chemically sharpened points. Are they the sharpest from the packet? We think so!
A Chod rig tied up with 25lb Revolve clear Bristle filament, a size 4 Angling iron micro babred Duropoint Chod hook, with a corkball popup on a leadfree leader. The ultimate Go anywhere big carp rig?
A Clone Rig or D Rig tied using a Duropoint Chod hook over boilie and sweetcorn.
A Classic Chod rig tied with a size 5 Duropoint Chod hook, Revolve chod rig filament and an anti glare large Rig ring. A real big carp rig. Still the best Popup pattern in 2022
A really short Chod rig tied with a pink popup attached by Micro ring swivel to an Angling Iron Chod hook over Sweetcorn and Boilie, because its so sharp, big carp will struggle to avoid being hooked.
Duropoint chod hooks from Angling Iron - The best hook for a multitude of pop up carp rigs.  Pictured here with a Cork dust boilie plugged with Stickumup Zig rig foam. for added buoyancy.


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The DUROPOINT® CHOD hook by Angling Iron is the stiff rig hook pattern of choice for many, many anglers and is responsible for the capture of some of the most highly sought after carp in the country.

With a razor sharp, elongated straight point, an ever so slightly out turned eye and mid length shank the Duropoint® Chod hook offers superb hooking potential with secure, reliable hook holds.

A great alternative to the many beaked point pop up hook patterns on the market for Chod, Hinged stiff and Clone rigs amongst others.

Manufactured from the most consistent Japanese Carbon 70 Vanadium Steel, an incredibly precisely controlled Tempering process imparts excellent strength and Durability whilst a silky smooth PTFE coating aids camouflage and initial point penetration.

Available in Sizes 2,4,5,6,8 (Micro)Barbed and Sizes 4,5,6 Barbless.

Supplied in Packs of 10