What are the strongest Carp hooks? The Duropoint® CONTI XS from Angling Iron are a Super strong and exceedingly sharp continental Carp hook pattern. A great Choice for for fishing in France or upto snags.
Duropoint® CONTI XS Carp hook tied up with a Slip d rig and a Tigernut hook bait over maize and Maple peas
Size 4 Duropoint Conti XS carp hooks,  manufactured from heavy gauge wire but look at how sharp they are.
Hair rig with our Continental Carp hook, the Duropoint Conti XS. and Tufflex Braid.
Duropoint CONTI XS Carp hooks, the ultimate strong carp hook for European  and snag fishing
A Duropoint Conti XS Carp hook over fishmeal boilies.  Supple braid slip d rig. Perfectly suited to use with big baits for big carp.
Duropoint Conti XS hook were designed and developed in the U.K to be the sharpest and strongest carp hooks on the market


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The DUROPOINT® CONTI XS hook by Angling Iron, the ultimate big carp hook offering unrivalled strength and sharpness.

When the fishing situation necessitates the use of the toughest and most robust hooks available, The Duropoint® Conti XS can be relied upon to extract the biggest of carp from the most demanding and extreme waters across Europe and beyond.

A real brute of a hook that combines some of the incredible hooking geometry of our highly regarded Duropoint® Anchor with ultra heavy gauge Japanese Carbon 70 Vanadium Steel and a point that we believe is unmatched by any other continental hook pattern currently available.

In short if you're looking for a hook that you can trust implicitly when you're connected to a possible fish of a lifetime, this is it - But don't just take our word for it, pick up a pack and see for yourself!

20% more Steel than some other leading Continental patterns

Designed and developed in the U.K

Available in Sizes 2,4 (Micro)Barbed & Sizes 2,4 Barbless

Supplied in packs of 10