Duropoint Curve shank - Easily the sharpest Curve shank carp hooks on the market, They're strong and Teflon Coated too, responsible for the capture of huge carp from The U.K, France and beyond.
From the packet, three Pin sharp, Size 4 Duropoint Curve shank hooks, At Angling Iron we believe these are the most versatile carp hooks about and are perfect for D, Spinner or Ronnie and German Rigs.
A needle sharp Size 2 Duropoint Curve shank hook as part of a Spinner / Ronnie Rig with Green hook beads and green Shrink tubing.
The German rig tied with a size 4 Duropoint Curve shank hook and trans khaki hook tubing over boilies, corn and pellet.
A slip D rig Tied up with Tufflex supple braid, a Size 6 Duropoint Curve shank and two grains of fake corn sits on top of mixed pellets, perfect for PVA bag rigs. What Carp could resist.
Duropoint Curve shank hook for Ronnie rigs.
Angling Iron Duropoint Curve Shank is the best hook for the Ronnie rig or Spinner rig. Shown here is a size 4 Micro barbed with Trans khaki shrink tube, hook beads and micro hook ring swivels.  Also availble in barbless or kit form.


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The DUROPOINT® CURVE SHANK hook by Angling Iron is undoubtedly the most versatile hook pattern in the Duropoint® family, making it suitable for almost every conceivable Carp rig. Little wonder then, that is our most widely used pattern.

A true all rounder, with a gently swept short shank it boasts the same incredibly sharp and durable point that Duropoint® hooks are renowned for but, unlike Curve shank offerings from other leading manufacturers, which often feature inturned eyes, key to the Duropoint® Curve shanks versatility is its inline eye.

Being kept exactly in parallel with the shank means the Duropoint® Curve shank can be used with any hooklink materials inlcuding, most notably, Fluorocarbon without the inherent risk of creating a weak point that so many other Curve shank hooks do just behind the eye.

Manufactured from the most consistent Japanese Carbon 70 Vanadium Steel, a precisely controlled Tempering process imparts excellent strength and durability, whilst a silky smooth PTFE coating aids camouflage and Hook point penetration.

Available in Sizes 2,4,5,6,8 (Micro)Barbed & Sizes 4,6 Barbless

Supplied in Packs of 10