What are the best Longshank hooks? The Angling Iron Duropoint Longshank hook, a true long shank pattern with a slightly inturned eye. It's incredibly sharp, strong and finished with a tough Teflon coating. Its a great choice for Slip d, Multi and Blowback rigs and can trip up the wariest of Carp.
Size 4 Duropoint Longshank Carp hooks pictured with silicone hook tube and bait screw. Look at those long tapered hook points, are they not the sharpest you've seen from the packet? No sharpening needed.
Angling Iron Duropoint Long shank L/S carp hooks, available in sizes 4,6 and 8 Micro barbed and are Teflon coated as with all our patterns.
A simple but incredibly effective big carp catcher. The Multi rig tied with a size 4 Duropoint Long shank hook, size 12 Mini rig swivel, khaki silicone rig tube and a wafter hookbait.
Razor sharp points from Angling Iron! Duropoint Longshank carp hooks are best for the slip d, Blowback and Multi rigs as pictured. Use with our essentials terminal tackle.


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The DUROPOINT® LONG SHANK hook by Angling Iron is the choice of hook for rig wise, wary Carp.

Overlooked by many, Longshank hooks probably offer the most efficient hooking of all patterns making them a smart choice for anglers targeting tricky, tentatively feeding Carp.

Designed with both a slightly in turned eye and point plus a relatively wide gape and deep throat the Duropoint® Long shank turns and takes hold in an instant and provides excellent hook holds.

The length of shank makes it a fantastic hook pattern for use in rigs such as The Slip 'D', Multi Rig or blowback that require separation to work most effectively.

Manufactured from the most consistent Japanese Carbon 70 Vanadium Steel, an incredibly precisely controlled Tempering process imparts excellent strength and Durability whilst a silky smooth PTFE coating aids camouflage and initial point penetration.

Available in Sizes 4,6,8 (Micro)Barbed

Supplied in Packs of 10