Duropoint Wide Gape carp hooks, the sharpest strongest pattern. With a beaked point, in turned eye and Teflon Coating  its perfect for fishing over gravel and suitable for a wide range of rigs.
Which are the Sharpest Carp hooks? The Duropoint range from Angling iron are widely regarded as the sharpest from the packet. Pictured here with razor points are the Wide Gapes in a size 4.
A Simple hair rig with size 6 Duropoint Wide gape hook and a balanced Tigernut. Super sharp beaked points are suitable for a wide range of Carp rigs and are best for fishing over gravel and in PVA bags .


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The DUROPOINT® WIDE GAPE hook by Angling Iron is an exceedingly sharp wide gape, beaked point hook pattern.

The hook pattern of choice for many top anglers, its beaked point makes it a fantastic optionn for fishing over clean gravel or indeed in rivers, where it is less prone to dulling than straignt pointed hooks.

A strong, heavily forged wide gape carp hook made from the finest Japanese Carbon 70 + Vanadium steel available. Advanced manufacturing techniques produce not only a strong, reliable hook but an ultra sharp point that stays sharper for longer.

If you're looking to for a razor sharp, strong, beaked point wide gape hook then look no further than the DUROPOINT® wide gape.

Available in Sizes 4,5,6,8 (Micro)Barbed & Sizes 4,6 Barbless

Supplied in Packs of 10