Essentials Size 8 Flexi Ring Swivels, terminal tackle For carp fishing, Pva Bag rigs.
A PVA simple bag rig tied to a Size 8 Flexi Ring swivel, with a Conti XS hook and Tufflex braid.


Sale price£3.25

ESSENTIALS™ Size 8 Flexi Ring Swivel, an indispensable and highly versatile item of terminal tackle for Carp anglers.

Ring swivels have a mulitude of uses but most commonly rigs are connected to the large ring and the body of the ring swivel locates securely inside a Lead clip, inline Lead or buffer bead for Running rig setups.

Alternatively, the rig can be connected to the eye of the ring swivel for use with a helicopter/rotary lead arrangement.

N.B Not to be confused with smaller Size 11 Flexi Ring Swivels that are solely intended for use to connect rigs for Helicopter/rotary rig arrangements.

Essentials™ swivels are precision made, robust, reliable and feature an anti glare black oxide finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10