Line aligners Rig kickers for Carp Rigs. Small and Large.
Line aligners Rig kickers for Carp rigs. Trans Khaki and Green.
Carp fishing essentials, Line aligners in Green and Khaki.


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ESSENTIALS™ Line Aligners are manufactured with a tough but compliant rubber Elastomer.

These convenient rig kickers help the hook on bottom bait and wafter rigs turn with increased speed, thus increasing hook ups.

Used in place of Silicone tubing or shrink tube they make the make the line exit the eye of the hook at a more aggressive angle, Improving the hooking efficiency of most Carp rigs.

Particularly practical when using the Multi rig, trapping the hooklink material in position whilst being easily removed to change the hook.

Moisten the hooklink and eye of the hook prior to sliding the aligner into position.

Available in both trans Khaki and trans Green tints and Small and Large sizes.

Large fits Duropoint® Hook sizes: 4, 5, 6

Small fits Duropoint® Hook sizes: 6, 8

Supplied in Packs of 10