Carp fishing Essentials, Micro hook ring swivels for Baits.
Micro Hook ring Swivel on a Slip D rig.
An Essentials micro hook ring swivel, bait attachment on a Hinged stiff rig.
An Essentials Micro Ring Swivel with a Tigernut .


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ESSENTIALS™ Micro Hook Ring Swivels are great way to attach hook baits to a rig. Featuring our lubricious Black Nickel finish they impart excellent freedom of movement to your bait, enabling the rig to perform optimally.

Used in a variety of carp rigs they can be either mounted directly on the shank of the hook between hook beads as is the case in the 360° and Ronnie/Spinner Rigs or they can be mounted on a "D" formed with the hooklink as they are on the Chod rig and 'D' Rig.

The ability of these Hook Ring Swivels to rotate freely and independently of the hook is crucial in the correct operation of your chosen rig.

Essentials™ Micro Hook Ring Swivels are precision made, robust, reliable and feature a silky smooth Black Nickel finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10