Size 11 Quick Change Flexi Ring Swivel, for Ronnie Rigs.
Carp fishing Essentials - Quick change ring swivel Ronnie spinner rig.
A Size 11 Quick Change Ring swivel, for helicopter rigs.


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ESSENTIALS™ Size 11 Quick Change Heli Ring Swivels are now more commonly used in the construction of the hugely popularised and effective Spinner or Ronnie Rig but were in fact originally intended, and indeed are still used as, a means by which to quickly swap rigs over when using a Helicopter setup. A job, that was once more involved or required scissors to remove used rigs.

Use silicone tubing or Anti tanlge Sleeves to secure the rig in place on the QC Heli Ring Swivel, whilst reducing the risk of tangles during the cast.

Essentials™ swivels are precision made, robust, reliable and feature an anti glare black oxide finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10