Carp fishing Essentials - Size 11 Quick change swivels for Ronnie, Spinner and turbo German rigs.
Size 11 Quick Change swivel used for Ronnie Rig.
Carp fishing Quick Change Swivels, Size 11
A Size 11 Quick Change Swivel, used for a Spinner rig.


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ESSENTIALS™ Size 11 Quick Change Swivels are widely used in the construction of the 'Turbo German' and Ronnie/Spinner rigs.

With the latter, the eye of the QC swivel is enclosed within a loop formed at the end of a Boom section section of hook link material. This is the preferred technique for some as opposed tying the boom directly to a QC Heli ring swivel as it offers a neater, less conspicuous hooking arrangement.

Essentials swivels are precision made, robust, are reliable and feature an anti glare Black oxide finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10