Essentials carp fishing terminal tackle. Bait screws, with round Rig Ring


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ESSENTIALS™ Round Rig Ring Screws are real time savers, making for faff free bait changes.

Ideally suited for use with pop ups, hardened hook baits, wafters and some Nut baits these bait screws mean you can change your hookbait in seconds.

If you find the Carp are responding to a particular Hook bait at any given time you can swap hook baits on all rigs over to the going hookbait in an instant, No fiddling with floss, hairs or bait stops.

N.B if you are using a very soluble or soft bait it may be worth considering a different hook bait mounting option.

Essentials™ Terminal tackle is precision made, robust, reliable and features an anti glare black oxide finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10