A pack of 6mm Stickumup Cork plugs, made with Grade A cork , each pack contains fifteen pieces, enough to balance lots of hook baits.
A Bottom bait has been plugged with a piece of 6mm Cork to create a wafter which is attached to the super effective German Rig tied using a Size 5 Curve Shank hook, Silicone, Trans Khaki Shrink tubing and a Size 12 mini Rig swivel.
Here we've used a 6mm Cork plug to add buoyancy to this drilled out popup. The Chod rig is tied with a super sharp Size 4 Duropoint Chod hook and Revolve bristle filament.

STICKUMUP™ - 6mm Cork Plugs

Sale price£3.99

STICKUMUP™ 6mm Cork plugs are 12mm in length and manufactured from grade A natural Cork.

Perfect for critically balancing bottom baits, to mimic the behaviour of freebies.

Useful for increasing the buoyancy of wafters, popups and other hookbaits to the desired level.

Can be used in conjunction with our wooden 'Cray Away' balls to add buoyancy.

Supplied in Packs of 15