A mix of twelve 10mm Zig foam balls, with two of each colour per pack. Yellow, Black, Orange, Red, White and pink. Cut them in half to create unique Zig rigs.
A well stocked Zig box, full of varying colour EVA foam sticks with and a selection of Zig balls.
A Zig rig using a red 10mm foam ball, Size 8 Duropoint Chod hook, a slither of  shrink tubing to trap the line.
A 50/50 Zig rig made with two of the best colour Zig balls, yellow and black. A size 8 Duropoint Chod hook is the pattern of choice here with Trans green shrink tubing over the knotless Knot,.

STICKUMUP™ - 10mm Zig Balls

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STICKUMUP™ 10mm Zig Foam Balls are manufactured from ultra buoyant closed cell EVA foam.

Our Stickumup™ Zig foam is of greater density than many others, never loses its buoyancy and can suspend even large hooks indefinitely.

Use them as they come or cut a few in half to mix & match creating totally unique contrasting zig balls that appear different when viewed by Carp from above and below, A great Zig rig edge.

When trimmed down they are excellent for tipping hookbaits to critically balance or for adding buoyancy to bottom baits and popups whilst adding an element of visual attraction.

Each pack contains: 2 Black, 2 White, 2 Pink, 2 Red, 2 Orange and 2 Yellow Zig balls

Supplied in Packs of 12