A Pack of Angling Iron EVA Stickumup 10mm Zig foam Sticks, pictured in yellow but also available in Black, Red, Pink, Orange, white, Brown and tan colours. The biggest Zig foam we manufacture and the best for your confidence and the biggest of carp.

STICKUMUP™ - 10mm Zig Sticks - Refill

Sale price£3.50

STICKUMUP™ 10mm Zig Foam Sticks are 40mm in length and manufactured from ultra buoyant closed cell EVA foam.

Our Stickumup™ Zig foam is of greater density than many others, never loses its buoyancy and can suspend even large hooks indefinitely.

Also excellent for plugging drilled out hookbaits to increase buoyancy. Turn bottom baits into wafters and boost the lift of popups to support larger hooks.

Available in eight colours; Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, White, Black, Brown and Tan giving endless options and combinations for Zig rigs, whilst for plugging baits you can keep the colour neutral with Tan or Brown or add a splash of colour for visual impact.

Use in Conjunction with our straight pointed Duropoint® Chod or beaked point Wide Gape hooks for Zigs.

If you're inclined to do so, you'll also find our 'Stick um up' Zig rig foam absolutely ideal for creating totally unique zig bugs.

Supplied in packs of 4