Essentials Size 11 Swivels - Carp Fishing
A size 11 Rolling Swivel for a Hinged Stiff Rig


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ESSENTIALS™ Size 11 Rolling Swivels have a number of applications, particularly when used in conjunction with other items of terminal tackle from the ESSENTIALS™ range.

Use in the construction of Hinged stiff rigs and 360° rigs in place of the usual Flexi Ring Swivel by enclosing the eye within a loop formed in the Boom section itself, to create a neater, less conspicuous hooking arrangement.

When used with Quick Change 'Q' Rings as part of a Helicopter/ Rotary Rig Lead setup they enable swift rig changes.

Manufactured to a higher spec than almost all others on the market ESSENTIALS™ Size 11 Rolling Swivels benefit from ultra strong Stainless Steel for all wire forms. With superior strength, rotation and life span our Size 11 Rolling swivels take some beating.

Essentials™ swivels are precision made, robust, reliable and feature an anti glare black oxide finish.

Supplied in Packs of 10