The Multi Rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

The Multi Rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

A creation of Mr Mike Kavanagh, The Multi rig is a superbly effective and versatile rig. Not only is it a fantastic carp catcher but its also incredibly simple to tie, essentially it consists of a length of coated braid with an overhand loop of around an inch to an inch and a half tied at the hook end, the coating of the braid is then stripped back slightly behind the knot. This enables to last inch or so to rotate freely as a carp sucks at the bait.  

The Multi rig - tied with our Durooint Chod hook, makes it one of the most effective and versatile carp rigs around

These days many anglers opt to change their rig after landing a fish or two. Rather than having to change the entire rig over the multi rig enables the angler to change just the hook, and quickly too. An added benefit of this is that the hookbait can be changed equally as easily, this is a fantastic feature of the rig and makes it one of the best.

The Multi rig enables you to change the hook and hookbaits with easeReplacing the Hook and or Hookbait easily after landing fish or if the point becomes damaged is a real benefit offered by the Multi Rig.

Simply Slide the Duropoint Chod hook down towards the knot and begin to ease the loop over the hook

Changing the Hook and hookbait is painless, simply pull the Duropoint Chod hook towards the Knot and begin to ease the Loop off the hook. It's much simpler to do in practice than to explain in words and takes a matter of seconds.

Finish easing the loop off the Duropoint Chod hook - You can now easily replace the hook and change hookbait if you wish

With the loop now released from the shank of the Chod hook simply replace your hookbait and Hook if you deem it necessary.

A new Duropoint Chod hook and a change of hookbait

Hook changed and a different hookbait too, now its just a case of popping the loop back over the hookpoint and back into position along the shank.

Hook and hookbait changed - Now slip the loop back over the point of the hook and back into positon

Pull the loop back through the eye of the Chod hook until it's around halfway down the shank

Pull the loop back throught the eye of the hook until its around half way along the shank and in literally no time at all its ready to cast back out infront of those hungry Carp.

Side note: Many worry that the "D" will close up on the cast. On the whole this is not the case, if the "D" is closed when reeling in it's often occurred as the rig gets dragged back through weed etc. However for piece of mind just use a little piece of our Trans Khaki shrink tube over the eye of the hook, This will trap the line so you needn't worry anymore. The shrink tube will pop off easily enough for the rig to retain its ability to have the hook and hookbait changed easily.

Use a little bit of our trans Khaki shrink tubing to trap the loop of the Multi rig and prevent it from slipping

Our Transkhaki shrink tube prevents the "D" closing on the cast and doubles u nicely as a line aligner if you use the multi rig with a bottom bait

At this point I think its worth mentioning that many anglers use the Multi rig with popups and popups alone, this is great and it works fantastically well as a popup rig but what a lot don't do is use it with bottom baits and that's a shame because it is equally as effective a hooker with a wafter or boilie straight out of the bag. To Optimise the rig for use with a bottom bait simply pull more of the loop throught the eye of the hook so that the "D" section extends further along the shank.

Multi Rig underwater 

If you want to see a detailed guide on how to tie the Multi rig from the beginning then click here