The Ronnie Rig / Spinner Rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

The Ronnie Rig / Spinner Rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron

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The Ronnie rig or Spinner rig as it is otherwise known

Just who Ronnie is we're not sure, One thing we do know is the Ronnie or Spinner Rig as it is also known, Is a superbly effective rig for Big carp. When blatant high pop up rigs like the Hinged stiff rig or Chod rig just won't do and a popup rig presented much lower is required the Ronnie Rig really comes into its own.

Similar to the well known big fish catcher the 360 Rig in both principle and Mechanics the Ronnie rig comes with none of the apparent risks to fish safety.

Who is Ronnie anyway? the Ronnie or Spinner Rig

Best used over relatively clean lakebeds this Big carp rig is ideal where a bit more subtlety is required. Quick and easy to tie it is better suited to use with a larger hook, Our Duropoint Curve shank in either a Size 4 or 6 is ideal. The beauty of these is that unlike other Curve shank hooks on the maket the gape is not restricted by an inturned eye.

What else do you need; A pack of our Size 11 Quick Change Heli swivels, a pack of our Round rig ring screws or Micro hook ring swivels (on which to mount the bait) A pack of Our Blend Shank stops and Some of our Translucent Khaki Super Shrink tube in 3:1mm Size.

The Ronnie rig - A superb Carp Catcher - underwater

Sitting pretty: The Ronnie rig sits poised ready for a bite, a Size 4 Duropoint Curve shank hook balances a 14mm popup perfectly with Little or no Rig putty required.


Want to see how to tie the Ronnie rig then CLICK HERE


Get all your Ronnie rig components, including our wickedly sharp Duropoint Curve shank hooks in one convenient kit by clicking here.

the duropoint ronnie rig kit - all the components you need to tie the Ronnie rig in one place