Helicopter hero - find out what is needed and why its so versatile.

Helicopter hero - find out what is needed and why its so versatile.

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The Helicopter setup, also known as a rotary rig is considered a great setup for fishing at range, when used correctly it almost never tangles and unlike lead clip arrangements is easily adjusted to allow for fishing over silt or light weed. Find out what components are needed to make up this excellent setup below.

Helicopter rig setup - Using Angling Iron buffer beads, flexi ring swivels, speed links and our Razor sharp Duropoint Chod hooks

The above image shows the basic setup of the helicopter rig (also known as a rotary rig). Working backwards the Lead is easily attatched via one of our Speed links to the mainline or leader, This is covered by one of our Blend Helicopter buffer beads. 

The great thing about our Helicopter buffer beads is that they are easily cut down, this means they can be used with leads that have the swivel or have had the swivel removed.

Next up is the rig, in this case a variant of the hinged stiff rig. The rig is attached by a large loop to the small end of one of our Size 11 Flexi ring swivels which is mounted to the leader/mainline by the large ring.

Finally comes one of our Blend 4mm tapered bore beads which is lightly pushed onto a medium sized Tungsten sinker of which there are many available. this sinker/bead arrangement can be slid up and down the leader/mainline which means it can easily be adjusted for varying lake bed conditions.

In principle if fishing over a clear lakebed i.e Gravel then the sinker/bead can be slid nearer to the lead.

For fishing over light Silkweed or light silt the sinker/bead can be slid a few inches away from the lead, this allows to lead to sink into the silt or weed without dragging the rig into it and giving bad presentation.

When fishing in deep silt the exactly the same is true and the sinker/bead can be moved even further away from the lead to avoid the rig being dragged deep under the silt.

When fishing over dense weed we would opt for a Chod rig in place of others and would move the Sinker/Bead u away from the lead by several feet, usually as far from the lead as the weed that you intend to fish over is deep.

As with any lead arrangement Fish safety is paramount, so please note that the bore bead should only be lightly pushed onto the end of the sinker furthest from the lead so that in the case of a snap off the bore bead can easily pop off the sinker and the rig is free to come off the leader/mainline.