Time to get Ziggy with our 'STICKUMUP' zig range

Time to get Ziggy with our 'STICKUMUP' zig range

With a heatwave now well and truly underway, there is no better time to be getting the Zig rigs out again. During a prolonged spell of high pressure Carp tend to spend more time high up in the water column than they do near the bottom. This becomes a particularly important point to bear in mind if you're fishing on limited time.


Location of carp can become somewhat less difficult in conditions like these as they can become lethargic often with their backs showing but positioning your Zig hookbaits at the right depth becomes key.

Along with Floater fishing Zigs really do come into their own at times like these.

Angling Iron Have a couple of great new Zig fishing products to help you put more carp on the bank, Our eagerly anticipated 'STICKUMUP' Zig Balls and Zig Sticks are the perfect products for making fantastic Zig rigs, Zig Bugs and plenty more uses too, Couple them with our ridiculously sharp Size 8 Duropoint Chod hooks and you're sure to put extra fish on the bank.

You can check our new Zig fishing tackle out in the artificials section.