Sandhurst mega haul for Liam Gingell

Sandhurst mega haul for Liam Gingell

Liam Gingell recently had an incredible session down on Sandhurst lake, the Sheffield based angler made the long journey to the lake where he managed no less than 30 carp during his stay. Amongst them some truly Stunning looking Common and dark scaley mirrors so typical of the lake.

Liam Gingell returns a gorgeous scaly Sandhurst lake mirror

Liam returning a superb Sandhurst lake mirror to its watery home - he used a ronnie rig with a Size 4 Duropoint Curve shank to land the impressive fish

A well proportioned Common

Liam was using a Ronnie rig made up with our Size 11 QC heli ring swivels, Size 4 Duropoint Curve shanks and Clear shrink tubing for the haul which saw him get through over 70kg of Boile and sweetcorn.

The rig that did the business for liam's mega haul on Sandhurst lake - a ronnie rig tied up with a size 4 Duropoint Curve shank and Qc heli ring swivel

ABOVE) The rig that did the business, fished over the top of Boilie and sweetcorn

Liam Gingell with an impressive deep bodied Sandhurst Mirror

An incredible Sandhurst lake Common for Liam

A classic looking Sandhurst mirror Another deep bodied Mirror carp for Liam Gingell

An impressive dark mirrorAnother immaculate Sandhurst lake Common

 Another impressive looking mirror

A massive sandhurst lake common for Liam