Colourful start on Dinton for Dan Handley

Colourful start on Dinton for Dan Handley

After rounding off his time on his Berkshire club water in style with a cracking brace and with his ticket for Dinton pastures White swan coming up early Dan Handley decided to get his season underway on the 24 Acre pit.

Dan Handley rounded off his time on the berkshire club water in style with this fantastic brace of carp

On arriving Dan did a couple of laps of the lake, but with nothing showing he set up in a swim that had a good view of the lake, with nothing much occurring through the night he was up early the next morning looking again, a few fish topped out in the middle area, responding quickly he moved on to them and was rewarded the following morning with this fantastic original at 33lb 4oz

A Dinton pastures white swan original of 33lb's for Dan Handley

 Dan used a Semi stiff hinged rig with his ever faithful Size 5 Duropoint Chod hook to trick this old character. His rig was presented in a clear area amongst weed with a pink signature squid pop up. Dan baited with a scattering of around 150 krill boilies.

A great start to his journey, we look forward to seeing where it takes him.