Colossal Belgian carp for Liam Gingell - New P.B

Colossal Belgian carp for Liam Gingell - New P.B

Liam Gingell took some time out a little while ago to go in search of some big Belgian Carp. Armed with some of our new Duropoint Anchor Hook we asked him to put them through their paces should the fishing situation allow. What followed over the next week was some fantastic fishing that culminated in a new P.B for the Sheffield based angler 
One of the first to fall to Liam's rods, a cracking 40lb+ two tone mirror.
A big belgian Mirror car for Liam Gingell
The new hook pattern pre release, Liam certainly put this hook to work during his trip!
The new Duropoint Anchor - it's firsting time out carping in Belgium
A cracking looking common, one of a number of big carp to grace the bank over the week

another carp to fall foul of the Duropoint Anchor Hook

Liam returning a big common

A cracking leathery mirror for liam

And undoubted highlight of his Belgian trip was this mirror of 61.08 named 'Annie'  and a fantastic new P.B for Liam too!

A collosal Belgian mirror car for Liam - Annie at 61.08 and a new PB