One of Dinton Pastures finest for Jason Walker - The Jaffa

One of Dinton Pastures finest for Jason Walker - The Jaffa

No stranger to big Carp, Manchester based angler Jason walker recently had an incredible result down on Dinton Pastures white swan landing one of its most sought after residents, Son of triple row AKA the Jaffa at a new best weight of 46.02. It's first capture in over fourteen months.

After weeding him up almost straight away, Jason took to the boat to do battle with the as yet unseen fish. A great battle followed where upon first glimpsing his quarry on the surface, Jason attributed the Jet black back and row of dark scales to another of Dintons Gems the Sandford Linear. Before giving him time to confirm its identity the heavy carp attached to his Size 4 Duropoint Chod hook took off again this time towing him to the bottom end of the lake before taking him straight into another dense weed bed, where it held firm. Tense moments followed, whereby Jason put the rod aside and started to hand line the fish in order to tease it from its new found sanctuary.

It was at this point that Jason realised that the line had become wrapped around the spindle behind the spool of his reel, fortunately, the fish was still firmly buried amongst the fronds of weed feet below giving him a window of opportunity to attempt to un tangle it.  Knowing he had no other option remaining and with his prize below him he quickly removed the spool and managed to free the coil of line. Hastily he got the spool relocated and tightened down the cap, heart in throat he picked up the rod, ready to wind down and apply pressure but the line had now managed to wrap itself around the tip of his rod.

The rig that did the business - Size 4 Duropoint Chod hook - Dinton pastures, jaffa

Ferrying the rod back behind him he quickly removed the twists, before putting the rod back to work, applying heavy pressure to try and bring the fish to the surface once more. With still no movement he once again took to hand lining, this time, feeling the weed starting to loosen its grasp and the line starting to rise through the water the end of his leader came into sight, not knowing if the fish was still attached and cloaked in the huge ball of weed that was now no more than six feet beneath him he grabbed the end of his leadcore, lifting it with one hand he used the other to reach into the ball of weed to feel for the fish. Still unsure and with the raft of weed now on the surface he bundled the lot into his waiting landing net.

As the remaining strands fell over the cord a huge fish appeared from amongst enveloping mass and made straight for the bottom of the net! Without thinking, Jason grabbed the arms of his net and lifted them well clear of the water, the weight so great it felt as though they could've snapped in his hands. Still in awe and somewhat stunned by what had just happened he reached down into to the bottom of his net just to make sure.. It was there.

The other side of the mighty 'Jaffa'

With his prize now securely in the folds of his net, he floated his way back to the swim where the battle had begun over half an hour previous, exhausted, and shaking with adrenaline he made his way ashore passing the net to Myles Gibson who quickly pointed out it wasn't the Sandford Linear but was infact Son of triple row! Aka the Jaffa!

Once on the mat, The Duropoint Chod hook that had held so firm throughout the battle was removed before the net peeled away revealing the glistening rich chestnut flanks and deep glassy black back of something really rather special. At a new best weight a colossal 46lb 02oz and fourteen months since its last capture, a real jewel in the crown and a new P.B for Jason that will be incredibly difficult to better, particularly in terms of looks.