The most northerly Carp in the UK - Shoulders - Size 4 Duropoint curve shank hook

The mighty 'SHOULDERS' - ENGLANDS MOST NORTHERLY 40 - Sam Stephenson

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The mighty 'Shoulders' at 43.12, As far as we're aware Englands most northerly 40!

An awful lot of dedication and hard work culminated in the capture of this most imposing of carp and signalled the end of a 3 year quest for the captor Sam Stephenson!

Sam was using our ultra sharp, Duropoint® Curve shank in a size 4 with a small kicker fished Blowback style to tame the fish of a lifetime! Massive Congrats go out to Sam who had this to say about the capture;

"I arrived at my Cumbrian club lake and was happy to find the lake quiet with just one other angler on. After a lap and a good look round I couldn't find any sign of the fish so decided to drop into a swim that i had recently fished and introduced a good bit of bait to.

The rods went out well, with good drops and I settled down to see what the night would bring. At 10.30pm the left hand rod was away and after a short battle I had my target fish in the net, Shoulders at 43lb12oz. This was made even more special by being it's first visit to the bank for 13 months and being a new club record and P.B.

The fish was taken on a DNA baits s7 snow man fished on a 4inch blowback rig made with a size 4 Duropoint curve shank and kicker and was nailed in the middle of the bottom lip about an inch back, further increasing my confidence in these awesome hooks."

Shoulders the uks most northerly Carp - at a record weight and new p.b for Sam Stephenson, landed on a size 4 Duropoint Curve shank hook