Getting Ziggy with it - Cold water Carping

Getting Ziggy with it - Cold water Carping

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Zig rigs are a great way to target carp when they're not in the bottom third of the water column. They're more versatile than many realise, being suitable for use in a number of seasons.

STICKUMUP with our 10MM Zig balls - Perfect for catching those big carp up in the water

Above: Two of our 10mm STICKUMUP Zig balls cut in half and used on a short hair as part of a Zig rig


WINTER: during winter carp tend to hold up in spots where they feel comfortable spending their time. This isn't necessarily going to be near the lakebed either. The thermocline can often dictate the depth at which carp will be. If you can locate the carp at this time of year and present a bait at the right height in the water column then you could be in for a good session as numbers of carp will often shoal at this time of year.

SPRING: Carp are just starting to wake up from their winter of inactivity and they're looking to feed, quite often a bit of colour will buy a bite very quickly. Insect hatches are starting to appear and carp will almost certainly be feeding on them. A zig can easily resemble some of the Naturals that the carp will be feeding on and will be readily taken.

SUMMER: High pressure and hot weather will often see carp milling round in the surface layers. Often very lethargic and unwilling to feed with any gusto but if you can put a Zig rig at the right depth then a carp's inquisitive nature may well get the better of it and result in a take, where other approaches may fail.

AUTUMN: Traditionally a time where carp will feed heavily, many pile in the bait and this can result in big catches. Our Zig products can be used to add colour and buoyancy to bottom baits add extra buoyancy to popups too.

Below: Our STICKUMUP zig sticks are perfect for plugging boilies and Tiger nuts to add buoyancy and a fleck of colour. A definite edge. Rig pictured made u with a Size 4 Duropoint Curve hook, Micro hook ring swivel and our Trans Khaki Super Shrink.

Add buoyancy to Tignuts, bottom baits and popups with our STICKUMUP zig range