Use your Loaf - Why bread can be an awesome winter bait

Use your Loaf - Why bread can be an awesome winter bait

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Carp fishing can certainly become tougher as the cold weather draws in. However if you make changes to your approach it really can pay. Bread is a bait that is generally associated with summer and surface feeding carp but it can also be used to great effect on the bottom in the winter.

Many lakes see lots of bread being fed to waterfowl in winter, It seems to be somewhat of a tradition to take a walk around a lake over Christmas and new year to feed the ducks. This is something we as anglers can exploit. Much of the bread intended for ducks will simply sink to the bottom, and you can be sure that this is a food source that the carp will undoubtedly be aware and feel safe feeding on.

By presenting a little PVA stick of breadflake near to the action we stand a good chance of benefitting from the free feed that's going in on a regular basis and to which the carp are well and truly tuned in.

Winter carp fishing - Use your loaf, Use a PVA stick of Bread flake

Use your Loaf - A Simple PVA Stick of Bread flake and a neat little Rig tied up with One of our Size 8 Duropoint® Curve shanks, a Micro hook ring swivel, line aligner and a slither of STICKUMUP zig foam or artificial corn for a hookbait. Carefully balancing your hook out with the hookbait will aid in inhalation of the rig should any tentatively feeding carp mouth at it.

PVA stick of bread flake, a size 8 Curve shank hook and small piece of STICKUMUP Zig foam