Give your hookbaits a lift!

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As the cold weather draws in, feeding activity decreases and feeding spells become briefer. If you're using popup's its vital to make sure that they're holding that hook up until a fish comes across it! If you're using cork balls then generally these are fine for 48hours but when using airball mixes (fluoro's/high attract/non cork popups ) these have an annoying habit of losing their buoyancy in a relatively short space of time.

Drill out your Popup and plug it with STICKUMUP Zig foam to catch big carp

Combat a droopy and badly presented rig by drilling out a small section of your popup with a 6 or 8mm Drill bit and plugging it with our Super buoyant 'STICKUMUP' Zig foam. 

Make sure you're Rig is working effectively for as long as it takes to get a bite

A number of our team report having left baits out for as long 72+ hours before getting a take, and more often than not, the bites have come from bigger carp. Whether there is more to this or just sheer coincidence is hard to say, however it shows how important it can be to make sure your rig is still working effectively when it's been in the water for an extended period of time.

Dan Handley with a 36+ Mirror from Dinton pastures white swan - The take came after 72hours(Dan Handley with a 36+ Dinton Pastures mirror known as 'the pretty one'- The take came after the rig had been out for over 72 hours)

Just an 8-10mm length of Zig stick will keep your hookbait up indefinitely, ensuring your rig is still primed ready for a bite even after 72hours!. There are a number of colours in the range, so if you're using a popup that matches your freebies then you can use one of the more subtle tan, brown and black sticks to plug your hookbait or if you like the idea of a bit of added visual attraction then one of the brighter Zig sticks such as yellow, white or orange Is ideal. 

'STICKUMUP' Zig Sticks are available in 6 & 8mm, in both mixed colour packs and single colour refills here.