Quick tips - Improve your Multi Rig's efficiency

Quick tips - Improve your Multi Rig's efficiency

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The Multi rig is a proven big carp catcher. Its a wonderfully effective rig that can be used with both popups and bottom baits but it can be improved with this simple method.

Many anglers will tie up a multi rig attach their bait and cast out with little thought, the problem is that freshly stripped coated braid is very tightly woven and this can hinder the rig performing as well as is possible.

The Multi rig - an awesome carp rig

By simply using your finger nails or a pair of pliers you can work the fibre's of the hinged section of the rig and loosen them up hugely.

The finer details of the multi rig - improve its hooking efficiency with this simple tip

You wont cause any damage to the stripped back section of braid if you gently work it with your pliers but you will see a noticeable difference in how freely the end section of the multi rig turns and this could just make the difference between a fantastic Hook hold and a poor one.

Tease the fibres of the coated braid to create a multi rig that turns much more effectively

Little things like this may seem insignificant but in carp fishing any advantage you can gain could work in your favour and help to put more fish on the bank.